Clutches and Flywheels

Like most car parts your clutch will not last forever. Depending on how you drive will determine the longevity of your clutch system, but it will eventually need to be serviced or repaired. If you think your clutch could be acting up bring your car into Alliance Dyno and Auto Service and let our certified technicians at one of our four locations in Keller take care of the problem for you.

We service all makes and models both foreign and domestic so no matter what you drive you can bring your car in and know we’ll take care of your clutch problem.

As you pile on the miles the facings on the clutch disc can start to wear, the flywheel can become warped or cracked, and all kinds of outside contaminants can get inside the clutch system.

There are a number of different things that can go wrong with your clutch but some of the common problems can help you know what you’re getting into.

Common Clutch Problems

  • Gear Slippage – this is one of the most common problems drivers experience. If the clutch isn’t firmly in place when you release the pedal then go ahead and bring it in to Alliance Dyno and Auto Service. Even if it’s slipping just a little, odds are it will gradually get worse. Many drivers notice this issue while driving at low speeds in a high gear.
  • Pedal won’t release – if the pedal won’t come back up once you’ve released it with your foot it could be a number of different problems with your clutch system. Bringing your car in sooner than later will help prevent a serious problem down the line.
  • Chattering or other unusual noises – this can be caused by a warped or loose flywheel. It could also be caused by a number of different worn down or damaged components.

If you’re experiencing one of these problems or think your clutch isn’t acting the way it should then come visit us at Alliance Dyno and Auto Service. Our certified technicians will give you a FREE diagnostics test so they can isolate the problem and inform you of your options.

Is the Check Engine light on? We’ll even check that for you and give you free code readings. As the Best of the Best in Auto Service in Keller for two years in a row we’ll be sure to correct whatever problem you may be experiencing.

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