Complete Brake Service

Your brakes are hard at work every time you hit the road. As your last line of defense they should always be working at a top performance level to ensure your safety. If you think your brakes aren’t up to par then bring your car into Alliance Dyno and Auto Service and let our certified technicians’ service and repair your vehicles’ brake system. We’ll get started by giving you a FREE brake check!

All makes and models, both foreign and domestic, are serviced at Alliance Dyno and Auto Service. If you have a brake problem, Alliance Dyno and Auto Service has a solution.

What is a complete brake job?

Changing out the brake pads doesn’t qualify as a complete brake job. It’s a brake job that restores your car’s brake system to like-new condition. Anything less would be considered incomplete. The parts that will be replaced will largely depend on their condition.

Mileage, age, and overall wear will be taken into consideration with every brake component. Aggressive drivers often have to have their brakes serviced more frequently, but there is no definitive answer as to when that time should be. That is why the first step is a thoroughly detailed inspection of your entire brake system.

Brake Inspection

It doesn’t take long for one to notice faulty brakes. Hearing a squeaky, grinding sound when applying the brake pad is one of the most common indicators your brakes should be inspected.

During the inspection our mechanics will check the rotors, drums, calipers, wheel cylinders, hoses, lines, and every other part connected to the brake system. Any part that shows any kind of damage such as cracks or leaks will be replaced.

Other parts will also be checked during the inspection such as:

  • Checking the brake fluid
  • Measuring the thickness of the brake pads
  • Seeing how hard or soft the brake pedal feels when pressed
  • Rotor inspection and resurfacing

Once everything has been checked and replaced as needed the brakes will be tested to ensure your safety before you hit the road. Fully functioning brakes are not something you want to skip out on.

If you think your brakes are too noisy or that there could be a leak then bring your vehicle in to Alliance Dyno and Auto Service where we can inspect them for free and inform you of your options. Is the Check Engine light on? We’ll get the code readings for you for free as well.

Visit Keller’s Best of the Best in Auto Repair for two years now at one of Alliance Dyno and Auto Service’s four locations for your complete brake service or call us at 817-431-8333 to set up an appointment.