Free Code Read

Alliance Auto Service will do a free initial code read on your vehicle.

Have a check engine light on? Bring it to Alliance Dyno and one of our mechanics will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong. At no cost to you.

Other Repair Shops Can Charge Over $80… We’ll Do it FREE!

Sometimes the initial code read is not enough to find the exact nature of the problem. For complex mechanical or electrical problems, our technicians may need to do advanced diagnostic work.

If your vehicle requires such work, we will tell you the cost ahead of time.

Don’t drive with your check engine light on. Don’t drive a car that isn’t shifting right. Bring it in for to Alliance Auto Service for a free initial diagnostic.

Find and fix small problems before they become expensive repairs. Let us do a free initial code read on your car or truck. Call us today at 817-431-8333.