Front and Rear Differential

Although not widely known to many drivers the differential plays a very important role in your driving experience. The differential gears transmit the power from the engine and transmission to the wheels. It’s basically the last component that plays its part in getting the wheels to spin and putting your car into motion.

Identifying a problem with your front or rear differential is a bit harder which is why you should bring your car into one of Alliance Dyno and Auto Service’s four locations in the Keller area. Our certified technicians will give you a FREE diagnostics test to verify where the problem is coming from so they can administer the proper services.

How do I know if it’s my differential that needs service?

The two major signs that your differential should be inspected are leaks and unusual noises. Since these are very generic symptoms that could be applied to several different components it’s sometimes hard to verify whether or not it’s the differential that’s the problem.

Noise can be caused by grinding of the gears due to lack of lubricant. It may start off as a soft humming noise but will eventually escalate to a louder grumbling sound. If this goes unnoticed it can cause permanent damage to the ring and pinion and can lead to expensive repairs.

Purpose of the Differential

The reason it is called a differential is because it allows your wheels to spin at different speeds. This is especially important when taking turns. In a turn the inside wheel travels a shorter distance than the outside wheel, therefore they need to spin at different speeds in order for the turn to be smooth.

It is not recommended that you try to fix the problem yourself as it is a quite complex job.

Instead, bring your car into Alliance Dyno and Auto Service and let our certified technicians service your front or rear differential for you. Let our professionals give you free code readings if your Check Engine/Maintenance Required light is on so we can see if other problems have gone unnoticed.

We will check your alignment for FREE and also offer a 4-wheel alignment for $49.95.

As twice voted Best of the Best in Auto Service in Keller our certified technicians will fix whatever problem you may be experiencing.

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