Automatic and Standard Transmission Rebuilds

The transmission is an integral component to your vehicle. Not only is it important but it’s also very complicated, and Alliance Keller Auto Service knows all about it. All makes and models, foreign and domestic, receive service at Alliance so if you have a problem with your transmission then bring it in for the best service and repair in Keller.

A transmission takes power from the engine and applies it to the axles in order to put the wheels into motion. The transmission is made of hundreds of moving pieces which makes it more likely for problems to arise.

If you think your transmission isn’t functioning properly then check for some key indicators.

  • Fluid leak – this is an easy identifier and a common problem with transmissions. A small puddle on your driveway could lead to an expensive problem. Transmission fluid should be a bright red and not a burnt brown color.
  • Noisy in neutral – if your car is making unusual noises while in neutral then it could be a simple fluid check or something more serious like mechanical wear.
  • Gear slippage – or it refuses to go into gear. In manual transmissions this problem can happen if the transmission doesn’t respond when pressing down on the clutch. If it gets kicked out of gear and forced back into neutral then you need to have your transmission looked at.

The problem can be minimized if found early enough, otherwise you should consider bringing your vehicle in for a closer look.

During the rebuild process the transmission is removed from the car and each part is disassembled and examined. Parts are then cleaned or replaced as needed and the transmission is then reassembled. It is then put back into the vehicle and tested for performance. With a process this involving, you want the best and most reliable technicians.

The certified technicians at Alliance Keller Auto Service are the ones you can trust to rebuild your transmission. As proud recipients of Keller’s Best in Auto Repair for the 2nd year in a row, Alliance Keller Auto Service strives to continue to give each customer the best service and repair possible.

We offer state inspections for $29 at our Heritage location along with several other great deals that will save you money.

Visit Alliance Keller Auto Service for the best in rebuilding transmissions. Call us at 817-431-8333 to set up an appointment or visit us at one of our four locations.